Digging up a cure


Coming 2020!!! | Rob Fleming Park | The Woodlands, TX

Digging Up A Cure is  an unique event  designed to raise awareness of the challenges children with genetic disorders face, understand differences, to highlight abilities and educate the community about inclusion/empathy while having a exciting time.

We will change the perspective of raising awareness!



Let's Get Digging!

This family centered event will feature a “Texas”-sized sand filled digging area  where guest may dig for educational post cards , a sensory center, a book giveaway from various books like " We're All Wonders" and " I Am Human", guest speakers , along with other exciting prizes.  

Don't want to get dirty? The event will also feature many other activities, bouncy houses, food trucks, live music, and games!

Search like a genetic researcher and find awesome prizes! 

What's in store 😜

Connect As A Community


 Raising awareness is not only educating but  also providing an opportunity to experience the topic.  We do this by providing a space where families alike and diverse can connect, share stories, and exchange resources. 

Learn something new!


Each card found will have an easy to follow description. Upon finding a card, the guest will be able to take their card to a designated information booth where they can learn more about the condition, genetic research, resources, and how they can support.



Dig deep enough, dig hard enough and ...well a bit of luck... and you may find a prize card. These cards are special finds and have prizes just for you i.e. gift cards, discounts, and actual products from our sponsors ready for pick-up at the event!  

Special Thanks To..



We want each child and parent to be able to understand the differences in those with genetic disorders. These books are amazing for understanding genetic disorders, challenges, and abilities. Digging Up A Cure will be giving away these various books to our guest.  Here's how you can help! Sponsor a book and have it delivered to K.A.P.E. @  P.O. Box 60 Willis, Texas 77378. We will have a special thank you in the book dedicated just for you and/or your company! 

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