The Real Story

K.A.P.E. (Kids and Parents Excelling) was envisioned after I lost my job. Bummer, right?

Actually, it was a blessing in disguise! While working and finishing up an MBA, time was

always scarce.  During my vacation I was able to connect with each child and understand

each of them as an individual – And not just as my pack of wolves. 

Fatherhood is a blessing, but I also know my wife needs me as a husband. Marriage is a

journey of highs and lows, but we must choose love daily. After 10 years of matrimony, I know

we sometimes need help. We need resources. We need to connect to others to gain insight

and a deeper understanding of this journey. 

From parent to parent, I get it. Raising four of our own kids, we hear you. The journey to build

and maintain a strong family couldn't be harder. With that being said, I know there is a need

for a space created for parents and kids. This space is not only to excel while learning but also

to connect, and know you're surrounded by a supporting cast. 

K.A.P.E is that cast. Together, through education, inspiration, and meaningful resources, we

hope to join you all in what we know will be a series of exciting events!


Life lessons + A great time

We are dedicated to delivering spaces, events, and resources for empowering and  inspiring  kids and parents to be a better version of themselves, while remaining a pillar for community development.

Brian Lovelady, Founder

I'm an imperfect father, husband, and man. However, I serve a graceful God. I some how managed to marry the most beautiful women in the world Shayna and be a father to our amazing children, Brilee, Kingston, Sailor, and Knox.

I formerly served in the U.S. Air Force working hand and hand with some of our countries greatest men and women. I see the good in all of us and know that we can excel as a community no matter your background.